Allston-Brighton Friends of Daly Field

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fields/courts are available for permitting?

  • 6 tennis courts
  • 1 field for football, soccer or lacrosse
  • 1 field for softball or field hockey (Note: field is only available for field hockey during the fall season)

Are lights available at the field?

Lights are available until 11pm for a fee of $50 per hour. Make sure to note the need for lights on your permit request form.
During evening hours, the lights will be on full (“Sports mode”) for all permitted activity on Field 1, Field 2, and/or the Tennis Courts. During non-permitted, “general public” hours, lights will be on, but dimmed. The dimmed lighting will still provide enough lighting for safe usage of the Daly Field complex by the general public.

How do I obtain a permit for one of the fields/courts?

You can request a permit via phone or mail.

Is there parking?

Parking can be found along North Beacon St in Watertown