Allston-Brighton Friends of Daly Field

Schedule of Use

Fields & Courts

There are 2 fields and 6 tennis courts available for permitting:

  • Field 1 (Soccer/Football/Lacrosse)
  • Field 2 (Softball/Field Hockey)
  • Tennis Courts 1 – 6

Latest News & Updates

Allston-Brighton Friends of Daly Field, Inc. Approves New Lights Policy

June 21, 2017

The Allston-Brighton Friends of Daly Field, Inc. (ABFDF) wishes to ensure a safe, welcoming environment in evening hours for users of the Daly Field athletic complex. At the same time, ABFDF endeavors to limit energy usage and any unnecessary light pollution in the area.

Therefore, the lights policy at Daly Field is as follows:
During evening hours, the lights will be on full (“Sports mode”) for all permitted activity on Field 1, Field 2, and/or the Tennis Courts.

During non-permitted, “general public” hours, lights will be on, but dimmed. The dimmed lighting will still provide enough lighting for safe usage of the Daly Field complex by the general public.

This policy went into effect as of June 20, 2017 as voted by the Allston-Brighton Friends of Daly Field, Inc.

Meeting for the Daly Field Stewardship June 5th

May 17, 2017

A meeting for the Daly field Stewardship will be held on June 5, 2017 at 1pm at the CRI Boathouse, 20 Nonantum Rd, Brighton, MA 02135.

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